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Appointment System

  • Appointments are Pre Paid. You need to pay online or Cash at hospital to book an appointment. Appointments are non refundable once booked but you can reschedule them (if you are not visiting for some reason) at no extra charges 

  • Appointments for 2nd Visit follow ups don't need payments as the visit is free

  • To Book either call us on our phone numbers or what'sapp us , you will be asked to make an online payment if applicable and booking will be done. 

  • You will get a token number on booking , patients are called in order of token number starting with number 1 

  • Absent Patients : If a patient is not there when his/her token number is called the patient will be marked absent and that token automatically expires. Thereafter when the patient comes, a new token number is allotted to the patient which is generated by adding 4.5 to the ongoing token at the time of arrival of patient. (for eg if a patient with appointment token no 10 comes late, when token number 20 is inside the doctors chamber and 21 is next , this late patient will get a new token of 21+4.5 ie 24.5 and he will be seen by doctor between token numbers 24 and 25 now )

  • Any patient who can't wait and wants to skip the queue should ask for Emergency prescription

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