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Tele Consultation

Consult from the safety of your Home !

What is Tele-consultation?

In March 2020 govt of Govt of India made Tele-consultation legal in country , in view of Covid Pandemic. Tele-Consultation means consulting your doctor by Electronic Means like phone/Video call/online Meeting without physical presence.


Who should avail this facility?

Patient who are not very sick or follow up patients, in whom a reasonable consultation can be given without physical examination can avail this from the safety of their homes and avoid hospital exposure and unnecessary travel to the health facility/hospital 


How will I get the medicines ?

You will receive the doctors written prescription / electronic prescription over your smart phone via whats-app/email. your can get medicine from your local pharmacy or our send someone to collect the prescription and medicines from hospital if your like so.


Whats the process for tele-consultation ?

Patient needing tele-consultation over phone via video or audio call with doctor can do so in the time slot as per the table given below. For this patient will  pay the doctor fee as given below by the pay link on the website . After successful payment. Patient will send the Payment Success Screenshot /Receipt via whats-app to this Number - 9389359551 you can send your msgs reports etc to this number. Doctor will call you on the scheduled time  or you can call on the above number after payment and ask for the call to be arranged from the doctor (you may be asked to share your payment confirmation if not sent already).

Dr_manohar_lal1 (2).jpg

Dr M L Shridhar

5 to 6 pm except sundays

Fee - 1000

Dr_Prem Lata2 (4).jpg

Dr P L Shridhar

5 to 6 pm except sundays

Fee - 850

Dr_Sushant1 (3).jpg

Dr Sushant Shridhar

5 to 7 pm except sundays

Fee - 1000

Dr_Ritu2 (5).jpg

Dr Ritu Shridhar

6 to 7 pm except sundays

Fee - 600

Let's Work Together

I am having problems while making payment what should I do ?
Call us on 9389359551 or 9720474684 and we will help you.

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